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Storage method of PVC cleaning machine pipe

2020-08-20 17:34:25

Do you want to know the storage method of PVC cleaning machine pipe? Let's look at the storage method of hose:

Storage method: hose products shall be stored and placed in a way that does not bear excessive stress, elongation or deformation, and avoid contact with sharp objects or the ground. Store hose products in racks whenever possible.

The coiled hose or hose assembly should be placed flat and not stacked.

If stacking is unavoidable, there should be a limit to the height of the stack, that is to say, it should not cause deformation of the hose stacked at the bottom. Coiled hose products shall not be hung on wooden piles.

The hose and hose assembly supplied in straight state shall be stored horizontally without bending. Large diameter hose used in petroleum industry should be installed at the end.

Animal bite: hose products should be protected from rodents. If there is such a danger, appropriate protection should be provided for the products.

Delivery: attention should be paid to ensure that the hose products are stored under the correct storage conditions and consistent with their intended use. Therefore, the marking of different types of hose products in stock is very important. For hose assembly of pipe joint, such as hose assembly with adjustable clamp clamp structure, inspection shall be conducted to ensure reliable performance of pipe joint.

Return to warehouse: empty the transported materials before the used hose assembly is returned for storage. For those used to transport chemicals, explosives, flammable or corrosive materials hose more attention. After cleaning and before returning to storage, the hose should be inspected to determine its suitability for continued use.

Storage method of PVC cleaning machine pipe



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