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The medicine tube will make you less tired

2020-08-05 15:43:47

The principle of the all purpose medicine tube is to spray the high concentration spray solution into the greenhouse under normal temperature. The liquid is uniformly suspended in the greenhouse space, and is slowly attached to the corners of the greenhouse and the crops. Atomization fumigation is used in the closed greenhouse, and the drugs are all pervasive, and the spots are evenly contacted, which can greatly improve the efficacy.

Give the greenhouse medicine, eyes are full of tears! Once you take a medicine, you need to go back and forth in a shed for more than 10 miles on the back of a sprayer. This is not the case. The key is to be attacked by drugs, drugs and drugs. Don't say anything. If only someone could do it for you! It's worth the money!

The medicine tube will make you less tired

To solve this problem, automatic greenhouse machinery can help you with this work. A lot of vegetable farmers have used automatic dosing tube. Yes, automatic! Important thing small make up only say once, it is convenient to use, efficient, labor-saving, no harm!

In the process of spraying pesticides, the spray hole has a large amount of water and the distance between the nozzle and the fruit trees is too close. Under the impact of high pressure, some of the leaves of fruit trees turn over, and even some leaves and fruits are shot down or damaged. Diseases and insect pests are not washed down by medicine, but are killed by internal inhalation, contact and fumigation. It is easy to close the stomata of plants because of the thick holes and large amount of water. On the contrary, this spraying method has the advantages of large investment and poor effect, and it is easy to accumulate too much liquid in calyx depression. Long term accumulation is easy to cause pesticide damage and affect the quality of fruit.



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